Materials Re-Handler  Training

Accredited by the National Plant Operators Registration Scheme (NPORS) & Independent Training Standards Scheme & Register (ITSSAR), Pro Trainers UK provides quality training to those in need of Certificate of Competence and Achievement. The aim of our Materials Re-Handler  training course is to provide the candidate with the essential knowledge and skill to perform his tasks to the highest level.

Materials Re-Handler    training courses last between 1-5  days depending upon the requirements of the participants (refresher courses, intensive courses etc.), with partakers developing essential skills like machine operation, health and safety, and accepted good practice.

During the course, participants will be encouraged to participate in practical demonstrations and exercises, as well as learning theory lessons to ensure their understanding of the material is comprehensive.  Learn more about our Manchester based Earth Moving training courses here.


What is a Materials Re-Handler  ?

A crane mounted on an undercarriage with four rubber tires that is designed for pick-and-carry operations and for off-road and “rough terrain” applications. Outriggers are used to level and stabilize the crane for hoisting.

These telescopic cranes are single-engine machines, with the same engine powering the undercarriage and the crane, similar to a crawler crane. In a rough terrain crane, the engine is usually mounted in the undercarriage rather than in the upper, as with crawler crane. Most have 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering which allows them to traverse tighter and slicker terrain than a standard truck crane with less site prep. In addition, there are rough terrain cranes with the operating cab mounted on the lower

All terrain crane

A mobile crane with the necessary equipment to travel at speed on public roads, and on rough terrain at the job site using all-wheel and crab steering. AT‘s combine the road ability of Truck-mounted Cranes and the manoeuvrability of Rough Terrain Cranes.

These Telescopic Handlers (crane) combine a number of components to provide safety and ease of use.

How long do Materials Re-Handler  courses last?

This common question is not easily answered, as the answer lies in the existing training level of the participant. Pro Trainers UK are well versed in working with companies of all shapes and sizes, and can advise on the most suitable course duration on a bespoke basis.

Key facts

1-5 Day Training Course


Pass Rate


Course Attendees



Assessment report

Pro Trainers UK follow a specific set of guidelines as determined by NPORS & ITSSAR to ensure your staff are trained to the highest standard. We utilise the following points to create an assessment report specific to the training course, creating confidence in knowing employees are competent in all course requirements.

tick Pre-Operational Checks: Forks, Carriage, Backrest, Telescopic Boom, Wheels & Tyres, Battery, Guards, Engine Oil, Coolant, Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Rams & Pipes, Controls, Brakes, Steering, Instruments, Horn, Attachments, Safe Load Indicator, Etc.

tick Manoeuvring: Drove Telescopic Lift Truck around site over varying terrain, laden an unladen, forward and reverse. Including: up and down inclines, uneven ground, wide loads, confined areas, width restrictions, etc. Safely with due regard to site condition and other site users.

tick Checks: Safe Loader Indicator: Set safe load indicator for lifting on wheels / outriggers correctly where applicable.

tickOutriggers: Deploy outriggers correctly when required.

tick Stacking: Loaded and unloaded scaffolding / loading out tower at least 75% of the trucks max lifting height safely without excessive scaffolding movement.

tick Stacking: Bulk stacked palletised loads correctly on top of each other and adjacent to each other.

tick Loading: Correctly loaded and unloaded a flat bed vehicle with a minimum of 3 palletised loads.

tick Positioning: Correctly positioned and retrieved a load at 75% of the trucks horizontal lifting distance.

tick Attachments: Safely used the following attachments (State attachments used) Attachments Used:……………………………..……….  .(Will not be shown on card).

tick Crane Jib Attachment: Safely used Crane Jib attachment to lift and move suspended loads, under the directions of a Banksman / Signaller.

tick Lifting Operation: Correctly and safely lifted and positioned a load within the excavators SWL and safe working radius using Shackles / Chains / Slings / Eye Bolts (circle as appropriate) under the direction of a competent Slinger / Signaller

tick Attachments: Safely used the following attachments (State attachments used) Attachments Used: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….(Will not be shown on card)

tick End of Shift: Re-fuelled. Parked Telescopic Handler in safe area. Applied parking brake. Placed forks on ground. Removed ignition key. Checked and reported any defects. Left Telescopic Handler safe and secure.