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Tractor Training in Manchester


Fully accredited tractor training courses. 1 to 5 day course, depending on experience & number of participants.

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Tractor training courses

Pro Trainers UK is an accredited plant training organisation in Manchester with the LANTRA, I.T.S.S.A.R. and National Plant (NPORS) training bodies. Our training is delivered to an exceptional standard and is monitored regularly to ensure quality. Our tractor certification is nationally recognised and can be used nationwide.

Our tractor training courses include: ​

  • Certification options for Quality Assurance, NPORS, LANTRA and ITSSAR

  • Full Certification and Test Fees

  • Provision of ID card with photograph

  • Certificate of Basic Training

  • A detailed course manual with working exercises (except Refresher courses)

  • Tractor courses are currently only available onsite.



Our Tractor Training Courses


Tractor Novice Course

At Pro Trainers UK, we're committed to delivering plant training that not only meets but exceeds the standards set by industry bodies. Our tractor courses are meticulously designed to ensure your team reaches the pinnacle of operational proficiency. We take pride in our detailed assessment reports, tailored specifically to each course, giving you the peace of mind that your employees are fully competent in all aspects of the training.

Course Name: Tractor training

Target Audience: Novices or operators looking to expand their skills to other types of lifting machinery.

Duration: Varies based on specific needs. Typically 5 days with a maximum of 3 participants

Availability: Our tractor courses are only available onsite.

Key Learning Outcomes:

  • Acquire the ability to operate a tractor

  • Enhance employability with a broader skill set.

  • Receive a comprehensive certification for tractor operation.


Key Assessment Areas

Pro Trainers UK adheres to stringent guidelines set forth by NPORS & ITSSAR to ensure the proficiency of trained staff. Our assessment reports are meticulously crafted to validate employees' competency in all aspects of the agricultural tractor training course.

Pre-Operational Checks:

Conducted thorough checks on wheels and tyres, tracks, battery, engine oil, coolant, fuel, hydraulic oil, controls, brakes, steering, instruments, horn, power take-off, towing hitch, and attachments to ensure optimal functionality.

Manoeuvring: Successfully navigated the tractor/trailer through a challenging test chicane/obstacle course in both forward and reverse directions. Demonstrated proficiency in operating within the confines of road works.

Safety Checks: Prior to loading, meticulously inspected site conditions, including the presence of other personnel and vehicles, ground conditions, overhead obstructions, power lines, and underground cables/services, ensuring a safe working environment.

Transportation: Safely drove the tractor/trailer around the working area, considering factors such as ramps, uneven ground, low headroom, uneven loads, and wide loads, while adhering to all safety protocols and navigating potential hazards.

Alignment and Coupling: Reversed the tractor to align with the towing hitch on the trailer and successfully coupled the trailer, ensuring all connections were secure and all services were properly linked. Maintained vigilance regarding the safety of surrounding workers.

Attachments Inspection: Conducted a comprehensive inspection of any attachments being used, such as trailers, grass cutters, compressors, winches, etc., ensuring they were in optimal condition for safe operation.

Risk Assessment and Operation: Prior to operation, performed a thorough risk assessment considering the task at hand and the equipment being used. Operated the tractor and any attachments within specified limits and guidelines outlined by the manufacturer.

Attachment Usage and Removal: Safely utilised any attachments required for the task at hand, ensuring proper operation and compliance with safety standards. Upon completion, removed and cleaned attachments as necessary.

End of Shift Procedures: Completed end-of-shift tasks including refuelling, parking the tractor in a designated safe area, applying the parking brake, securing attachments, removing the ignition key, and conducting a final check for defects to ensure the tractor was left in a safe and secure condition.

Testing and Certification Details


The Practical Test and Its Importance

Our tractor training culminates in a practical test, a crucial step towards certification. This test, validated and approved by either NPORS, LANTRA, ITSSAR or Quality Assurance (depending on your preferences) is a comprehensive evaluation of your crane operating skills. Passing this test signifies that you have attained the proficiency required to operate a tractor safely and effectively. It's important to note that this test is not just a formality; it's a rigorous assessment that ensures you are ready for real-world plant operations.


Three stages of Training

Basic Training: This is where you'll learn the fundamentals of plant operation, including handling and safety procedures. It's the first step towards becoming a competent operator.

Specific Job Training: Tailored to your workplace, this stage includes training on specific handling attachments and knowledge of the work environment.

Familiarisation Training: Conducted on the job under close supervision, this stage allows you to apply what you've learned in a practical setting, ensuring you're comfortable and competent in your specific work context.


Test Revisions & Expectations

The practical test has undergone revisions to ensure it remains relevant and challenging. These changes include an updated marking sheet, where certain faults may now score higher, reflecting the emphasis on safety and precision in operations. Additionally, the test now includes a written component, where candidates are expected to achieve a minimum score of 80%. This includes both multiple-choice and open questions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of both practical and theoretical aspects of tractor operation.


What types of tractor training courses do you offer?

We offer a range of tractor training courses tailored to various skill levels, including novice, experienced, and refresher courses.

What is the duration of the tractor training courses?

The duration of our tractor training courses varies depending on the level of expertise and specific requirements. Typically, courses last between one to five days.

Are your tractor training courses accredited?

Yes, our tractor training courses are accredited by recognised bodies such as NPORS & ITSSAR, ensuring that your employees receive training to the highest standard.

Can the training be conducted onsite at our location?

Yes, we offer onsite training at your premises for added convenience. Alternatively, training can also be arranged at our training centre.

Can individuals book tractor training courses, or are they only available for company bookings?

Both individuals and companies can book tractor training courses with us. Whether you're a company looking to train your staff or an individual seeking to enhance your skills, we have options available for you.

What safety measures are in place during the training courses?

Safety is our top priority during all training sessions. Our experienced instructors ensure that all participants adhere to strict safety protocols and guidelines throughout the training.

Are there any age restrictions for participating in the tractor training courses?

How can I book a tractor training course for my team?

To book a tractor training course for your team or to inquire further, please contact our offices in Manchester. Our friendly team will assist you with the booking process and address any queries you may have.



I have worked with Pro Trainers UK for over 15 years and used their services at Major companies including BASF, Akzo Nobel and Granyte Surface Coatings.
In all this time the Pro Trainers UK team have demonstrated a high degree of knowledge and professionalism and attention to detail. All personnel who have been involved with Pro Trainers UK on the Forklift training courses have always spoken highly of their character and ability to create a positive team spirit. I would strongly recommend Pro Trainers UK to anyone or company.

Keith Howson
OPERATIONS MANAGER at a reputable coatings firm

Ian Hardy

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Welcome to the heart of Pro Trainers UK, where our strength lies in the expertise and dedication of our team. Behind every successful training course is a group of passionate professionals committed to providing the highest standard of heavy machinery training.

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Our Plant Training Courses

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