Why First Aid Training is Important in the Workplace

28 Sep 2015, by Anthony in First Aid Training News, IOSH Training News

Some believe the most aggressive injury possible at desk job would be a paper cut but in reality over 200,000 workplace injuries occur in workplaces every year.   This is a staggeringly high number of injuries!  First aid training at work is the law in the UK for several good reasons as defined below.

Studies have shown that it takes an ambulance an average of 8 minutes to arrive at a call.  Each second of those 8 minutes could mean life or death for someone injured.  Take into account someone choking on their lunch in the break room.  A blocked airway can kill a person in 3-4 minutes.  Brain and organ damage can occur at any point in those 4 minutes.  Having every employee trained in basic CPR can save lives.  There is no need to lose precious time if the someone with proper training can clear a blockage in good time. 

The list of possible emergency in a workplace is endless.  Sudden heart attacks, seizures or fainting can all take place at work.  Having first aid trained staff with emergency protocols in place can save lives.  Training more employees than the minimum legal requirement not only helps in a workplace emergency but outside of work as well.  It prepares people to respond to medical emergencies on their way to and from the workplace and as well as in their own homes. 

The same studies show that only 41% of people would feel safe administering first aid in the workplace.  Another third of people could carry out first aid without proper training.  These numbers are startling especially if it is you who experiences a medical emergency.  The danger of an untrained person performing first aid is as great as not having a sufficient number of trained employees. 

Here at Pro Trainers UK we deliver First Aid training courses to workplaces around the North West. As an employer the biggest sacrifice to be made in training employees in first aid is time.  Our training courses range in time to meet the needs of an organisation and employees. Contact Pro Trainers UK today to discuss your training needs.


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