What You Need to Know About The Forklift Theory Test

31 Jul 2016, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

It’s one thing to do something in theory, and another to do it in practice. Before you can master any trade, it’s essential that you first understand the theories that lie behind it. This principle holds true for any activity, and operating a forklift is no different. An important part of becoming a certified forklift operator is the forklift theory test which verifies whether you understand everything you need to know in order to properly, safely, and effectively operate a forklift.

What to Expect

  1. Ensuring Safety Compliance – This makes up a large chunk of the test and is important to pinpoint whether the examinee knows how to check for safety hazards before, during, and after operating the forklift. Simple mishandling or overlooking of essential safety features and practices could result in grave accidents and injuries, which is why this constitutes the majority of the test.
  2. Forklift Functions and Operation – An individual should know how to operate the forklift for safe, speedy, and effective use. Every feature has a designated function, and it is in knowing what they’re specifically intended for so the operator can make the most out of his forklift. What’s more, it’s also important that an individual knows how to handle specific situations as not every circumstance calls for the same technique.
  3. Load Capacity – There are lots of different kinds of forklifts and each one has its own designation of how much it can carry per load. Overloading a forklift could result to accidents, damages, and injuries, while underloading could eat up time and effort.  Maximising the load capacity by making the correct calculations will help to develop an optimal and efficient forklift practice.
  4. Problem Solving – In the event that a problem arises during forklift operation, the operator should be able to identify his potential solutions and select which one would work best for the situation at hand. This can be considered another form of safety compliance which requires operators to be able to adapt their forklift use to fit specific situations.

How to Pass the Forklift Theory Test

  1. Practice to get a better understanding of the ins and outs of a forklift. Be sure to take note of all its features, and keep in mind the sequence of use.
  2. Read about forklift operations and see a forklift up close to further reinforce learning.
  3. Enroll yourself in a forklift training program like Pro-Trainers UK where they don’t only teach you what you need to know about forklifts, but also give you hands on experience for a robust and effective learning experience.

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