What You Need to Know about Side Loader Forklift Trucks

23 Feb 2016, by Anthony in Crane Training News, Forklift Training News

Those who aren’t in the field of construction might think that fork lift trucks come in one shape, size, and kind.  But there are actually quite a number of different styles of trucks you’d be surprised to find out exist. Side Loader fork lift trucks are a mainstay in many warehouses and construction sites because of the unique benefits they provide workers compared to typical counterbalance forklifts. Side Loader trucks have their own advantages and can be used for a number of tasks that other trucks would be otherwise unprepared for.

What is a Side Loader Forklift Truck?

True to their name, a Side Loader fork lift truck is a kind of fork lift truck that uses a side loader to carry wood and pipes. Unlike conventional forklifts that have their loaders installed at the front of the rig, Side Loaders carry materials on the side so the driver can have a clear view of what’s ahead of and behind them. The beauty of the Side Loader truck can be appreciated in narrow paths and alley ways where it would typically be a challenge to navigate without seeing what lies ahead.

What are the types of Side Loader Forklift Trucks?

Side Loader forklift trucks come in three different types. The first has a bay installed perpendicular to the driver’s cab. The lifts can extend forward and pick up items from the ground and retract to rest the items on the bay. This is ideal for those who might use their forklift for transporting heavy equipment and materials so as to avoid overworking the forks. The second type has wheels that can turn thus improving maneuverability. This will make it easy for those who work in small spaces to minimize the need for turning. The last type is a cross between a counterbalance and a sideload forklift. The cab can swivel 90 degrees to either face forward or sideways, depending on the driver’s needs.

Do You Need Training to Operate a Sideload Forklift?

The answer is yes – training is required to operate a Side Loader forklift. These convenient machines are known for making work easy and simple, but that doesn’t mean operating one is just as effortless. Drivers need ample training before they can sit behind the wheel of a Side Loader forklift. Pro-Trainers offer the most extensive and informative Side Loader fork lift truck training programs guaranteed to make you an expert when it comes to operating these heavy machines. Check out Pro Trainers Side Loader Training Courses to find out more about the outstanding service and training they provide.



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