What Is IOSH?

29 Jan 2017, by Anthony in First Aid Training News, IOSH Training News

IOSH is a term that is searched on Google more than ninety thousand times each month. The UK based not-for-profit organisation refers to the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health. Although it is based in the UK you will find that IOSH members can be found throughout the world.

If you are planning a career in health and safety, there is no question that you can benefit from IOSH membership. This chartered body is for health and safety professionals specifically. The two main functions of this body are to raise standards while offering regulatory measures for the career field. Part of the work handled by IOSH involves the development and promotion of a code of conduct for the industry. They also develop and accredit safety-training courses, which are available with Pro Trainers UK.

The Basics Of IOSH

There are six different IOSH memberships that you can have. This includes affiliated members, associate members, technician members, graduate members, chartered members, and chartered fellow. It is also worth mentioning that IOSH shares an extremely useful connection to NEBOSH. If you have done any NEBOSH training up to this point, then you will want to find out if this can have any application on what you would like to accomplish with an IOSH membership.

You will also want to keep in mind that when it comes to IOSH membership, the NVQ 5 in Occupational Safety and Health can give you a considerable advantage. It has become an increasingly popular alternative.

IOSH is responsible for creating a profoundly useful syllabus for safety and health training courses. They are also responsible for creating niche courses, which include the IOSH Managing Safety in Aviation. As you will discover with a little research, you can find a safety course that can work towards the level, sector, or organization that relates to your specific interests.  Each year, it is estimated that approximately one hundred thousand employees gain IOSH qualifications.

IOSH Managing Safely is the flagship course for IOSH. This course emphasises both pragmatism and business understanding. You can find three, four, or five-day versions of the course, depending on what you would ultimately like to achieve. You can also take the course online, if the need arises.  Visit Pro Trainers for more information about the IOSH Training Courses available.



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