Volvo Introduces New Material Handler In the UK

14 Jul 2015, by Anthony in MEWP Training News

Volvo is unleashing the new Plantwork2015 to the UK market. This material handler has all the power that is needed to handle the toughest of jobs. The influx of these new machines will make material handling so much more efficient.   The EW210D MH is made to handle a full range of duties.

It can easily handle material waste, unloading freight, loading freight from rails and other modes of transport without missing a beat. It offers superior optimum reach and excellent operator visibility. This version of the EW210D has some significant reinforcement around the boom base and enhanced machine areas to be able to easily cope with many different applications.

The operators compartment is hydraulically operated it has four stabilizers, solid tyres and wheels. The boom is 6.5m with a 5 m grab arm. It is a true powerhouse that is going to change the way materials are handled. The impressive 23.3 Tonne machine has a Stage IIIB Volvo 6 Litre size engine that offers a powerful 169 H. This engine can achieve a max torque of 758 at only 1500 RPM. It offers independent movement of each of the hydraulic functions. The main pump delivers 420 Litres of hydraulic fluid per minute. It is truly an incredible machine.

There are optional attachments that can be used on the grappling arm like a sorting arm that makes this machine not only powerful but versatile. It is the material handler of the future.

Train To Operate

The only thing we need to really get the best use out of this materials handler here in the UK are operators. Learning to operate one of these machines can easily take someone from unemployed or under employed to making a nice sum. The right training can go a long way in securing your future.

You can the training you need to be certified to operate the new Plantwork 2015 by enrolling in the courses that are offered at Pro Trainers. It is a quick easy way for you to become certified to operate the latest material handling equipment.

Make yourself a valuable asset to any company by becoming certified to operate the Plantwork 2015 EW210D MH. If you want to impress employers this is the way to do it. Never be passed over for a job again. Make arrangements to get your certification today! You will be glad you did.


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