Top Tips for Crane Operation

12 Jan 2015, by Anthony in Crane Training News

As a crane operation, understand that you are operating a very expensive and very dangerous piece of equipment every day. You might also be in charge of lifting very expensive cargo from time to time. With risks like these, you should always strive to keep up with the latest developments, safety precautions, laws, and more pertaining to crane operation. Here, we have gathered a few of the top tips for crane operation to help you out. Feel free to keep these posted somewhere that you and your workers can quickly and easily reference them. Safe driving!

Check, Check, and Re-Check

Before you even get in your cab, be sure to look around your crane for any MESH issues that might be present. (MESH: Mechanical, Electrical, Structural, & Hydraulic). Next, you should double-check all fluid levels. Oil, gas, and hydraulic fluid (if applicable) are the most important things that you should be sure to have a look at. Lastly, evaluate the ground conditions before you pick up your load. Failure to do so could result in a lost load or worse. Check the load charts in your cab before you get going, too.

Be Aware and Alert

The jobsite is constantly changing. You should be aware of all the changes going on around you at every step of the way. If you ever feel that something in the lift plan is not going your way, feel free to stop and rethink your approach. Make note of any obstacles, like overhead ones, that might put yourself, the load, or others in danger. Turn off your mobile phone while you are operating your cab, as well. You seriously cannot afford any distractions when you are operating your crane or moving your load from one spot to another.

Typical Safety Precautions

There are also other typical safety precautions that you should always follow when operating the crane. The right pads and cribbing should always be used, so check them before each lift. Not doing so could cause your outrigger to give way or even sink. When you are in the cab, always be sure to let the mobile crane computer run. Never turn it off! If you follow all of these tips each and every time you get in your crane, you will make your worksite, yourself, and even your loads much safer. All it takes is a bit of practice and persistence.


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