Tips on Crane safety

17 Mar 2014, by Anthony in Crane Training News

Tips on Crane safety

There are many jobs that require attention on the work field, and yet, some jobs require even more attention than other ones. This is never more apparent than when using a crane. Those who are dealing with a crane know that they need to pay extra attention and care. The misuse of a crane can provoke serious injuries, and even death. Most of the accidents happen because people cannot ensure the proper use of the PPE. If a crane operator hasn’t got enough skills and crane training, he may risk to cause accidents.

  1. Attend a crane training course. The first and most important tip of the crane handling, just like of any such vehicles’ handling, is definitely the Crane training. Pro-trainers UK have experience to ensure competency in crane operation roles, and and we aim to educate to a high level.

  2. Pay attention. Even if you know all the rules and you are an excellent driver, accidents still happen. This is why you need to pay extra attention, in order to avoid such misfortunes, you need to be prepared for anything. For example, you must pay extra attention to power lines, which are the main reason of accidents happening on construction sites.

  3. Conduct a crane inspection. Before using this heavy machine, it is essential to conduct a thorough inspection, making sure that everything is functioning well. There are many accidents that happen due to a small defect that could have been easily avoided. You shouldn’t ignore anything, having it checked at the slightest problem. It is better to prevent then to suffer because of it.

  4. Be aware of the load capacity. You should always be aware of the load capacity, and never overload the crane. Since you are the driver, you can refuse the lifting of anything that is heavier than your load capacity. Keep in mind that safety should always come on the first place. While you are lifting the load, make sure that you are doing it correctly. Whenever you are handling a load, you should remember everything that you learned at crane training.

  5. Be prepared. Since this job is very dangerous, you should always be prepared. In this way you will be able to handle any situations. Carry with yourself sound devices in order to alert people to move away from your way. You should also have a fire extinguishing device. Remember that the best way to be prepared is to know the crane protocol, and to follow a crane training course.  


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