The IMHX Forklift Challenge

17 Oct 2019, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

The best forklift drivers in the UK will soon have the opportunity to match those skills against one another. That is because the renowned trade show IMHX 2019 will be holding a live Forklift Operator Challenge. The September event is certain to draw talented professionals from a wide range of areas. The challenge has been organised through a joint venture between Talent in Logistics and UniCarriers.

IMHX 2019

Broken down into a series of events, the IMHX Forklift Challenge will ultimately determine who best understands the fundamentals of proper forklift usage. Participants will have to prove a masterful comprehension of the skills, information, and insight behind optimizing safety. Talent in Logistics noted in a statement that one of the biggest motivators to hold such an event involved the importance of recognition. Talent in Logistics hopes the event will give forklift operators the recognition they deserve for engaging such challenging work. No one would argue that it takes a considerable range of skills to use a forklift in one workplace situation or another.

The event also hopes to encourage continued safe usage among operators. Those who participate will have the chance to use the TX3 electric counter-balance truck from UniCarriers. Those who are not familiar with the forklift will be offered a familiarisation session beforehand. This will give them the chance to enjoy the technology of the truck, as well.

The event will be open to anyone who is interested in registering. One can do so by visiting the 6B190 stand while at the IMHX event. Talent in Logistics adds that you can also register for the event by visiting them online for contact information.

Forklift Training

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