The Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift: A Fine Piece of Equipment

06 Nov 2014, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

For years, Flexi has been known as a premier brand in the UK for its line of articulated forklifts and other material handling equipment. Recently, though, the Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift has undergone a few changes. Here, we will look at what the modern redesign has brought in terms of style and more. We will also tell you about the recent ISO 9001 that Flexi has undergone. Lastly, we will talk about why great equipment is only one half of the safety battle.

Complete Redesign 

When it comes to the outside of the Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift, nothing seems the same. The forklift is now finished in a fabulous shade of signal red, making it easy to spot. The familiar Flexi logo is still there, too. However, it is now smaller and in silver. All four wheel hubs are not in silver, as well. Not only does this move make for a more sleekly styled product, but it also makes this forklift more at home in the line of other Flexi products. Particularly, the FlexiPICK, which was unveiled at CEMAT 2014.

ISO 9001 Compliant

Flexi has recently undergone another ISO 9001 audit, according to the sales and marketing director of the firm, John Maguire. Maguire was happy to report that Flexi passed with flying colors. ISO 9001 accreditation is very important to the Flexi team. Having this certification lets clients know that they follow all best practices when it comes to manufacturing. A certain extra bit of confidence in a product comes from this small assurance. Surprisingly, Flexi did not just pass the accreditation. In many areas, they actually exceeded expectations for the certification. We have come to expect this from a place like Flexi who has had ISO 9001 accreditation for years.

Protrainers: Teaming with You and Great Equipment 

Here at Protrainers, we feel that the new redesign of the Flexi Narrow Aisle Forklift is great news. We also commend Flexi for keeping up with their ISO 9001 accreditation. These precautions, however, are only half the battle in keeping your workers and business safe. In addition to fantastic equipment and best safety practices, employees also need proper training to use said equipment. That is where we come in. To learn more about best practices in safety and equipment usage, simply contact us today. We can set up a training for yourself, as well as all your workers.


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