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A Costly Forklift Mistake for B&Q

01.03.2015 in Forklift Training News

Recently, the very well-known retailer, B&Q, was fined over £83,000 for not following proper safety protocols in their warehouse while using a forklift. Not only did their negligence cost them, but it also injured an employee. To learn more about what happened, read on. We…

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Pro trainers Crane Training

Top Tips for Crane Operation

12.01.2015 in Crane Training News

As a crane operation, understand that you are operating a very expensive and very dangerous piece of equipment every day. You might also be in charge of lifting very expensive cargo from time to time. With risks like these, you should always strive to keep…

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earth moving machinery training

A Guide to Excavators

16.10.2014 in Earth Moving Training News

Excavators can be handy on quite a few job sites. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and can get lots of jobs done. Chances are, if you have been around more than a single construction site in your lifetime, you have probably…

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Pro trainers Crane Training

Crane Operation – What You Need to Know

09.10.2014 in Crane Training News

Just like operating any sort of industrial equipment involved in lifting, operating a crane can be dangerous. There are particular legal requirements that must be followed by crane operators and owners. Before you even use a crane, certain safety precautions should be taken to assure…

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