Sumo – The Innovative Company Behind Forklift Safety

21 Mar 2018, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

There is a new company making major waves in the world of industrial forklift safety.

Operating out of offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, and Australia, the SumoSafe Global organization offers a wide variety of solutions and physical hardware designed specifically to eliminate a lot of the risk, a lot of the damage, and a lot of the daily wear and tear that can compromise forklift equipment and put forklift drivers and other support staff in compromising or potentially dangerous situations.

The number one goal for SumoSafe Global has been to come up with new solutions that reduce the damage to the loads that are carried by forklifts in the first place, both before, during, and after they have been transported by lift trucks throughout the handling process – all with an overarching purpose to make forklift vehicles and equipment as safe as humanly possible to operate and control.

The cofounder of the SumoSafe Global organization, Simon Ross, has gone on record stating that all of their solutions that they produce are designed to integrate the simplest, most straightforward, and easiest to implement safety options that have a dramatic and pronounced improvement the safety of the forklift operators and support staff that work so closely with them.

SumoSafe Global wants to make sure that forklift operators are kept safe, are able to increase production without ever putting themselves at risk, and that the companies that own forklift equipment and employ operators are able to enjoy major leaps forward in safety and cost savings by cutting or even completely eliminating product damage that is so rampant in the forklift transportation industry today.

Palletized loads are damaged or destroyed pretty much every single minute of every single day somewhere around the world.

This damage has a tremendous cost globally – in the hundreds of millions of dollars each year and rising – and anything that can be done to slow down this growth, to curb damage, and to eliminated completely is going to help improve the logistics of supply chains.

It’s also going to help improve the safety of workplaces, the longevity of the equipment used in the forklift industry, and it’s going to add profit back into the pockets of companies that have been bleeding money because of the damage and destruction to palletized loads for so long now.

Not just saving money, but saving time as well.

Some of the SumoSafe Global products and solutions aren’t just designed to save money but are also designed to save quite a bit of time.

Obviously, any time a palletized load becomes damaged (especially any time a palletized load is dropped from a forklift and breaks open) work production slows to a crawl or stops completely until the load damage can be addressed, assessed, and the workplace cleaned up of obstructions that would hinder normal operations.

By eliminating the situations, or at least minimizing them as much as possible, the SumoSafe Global solutions are going to save an unimaginable amount of time that would have otherwise ended up as a sunk cost throughout the course of normal operations.

This is obviously also going to have a big impact on the amount of money that forklift business operators are going to be able to save in the normal course of doing business, but it’s going to result in improved efficiency and safety across the board, too.

A variety of solutions tailored to every forklift situation imaginable.

The SumoSafe Global organization has a wide range of new solutions available designed to address any forklift implementation imaginable, including:

The SumoSafefork, a brand-new design of forklift that encases the tip of traditional steel tines with a protective “glove” made of industrial grade polyurethane. This dramatically lessens the physical impact and damage that tines do way comes in direct contact with a load.


The SumoGlove, essentially the same thing as the SumoSafefork but this time just the “gloves” themselves – accessories that can be fitted to the tips of trucks that are already in operation. This cuts costs and avoidance having to purchase brand-new forklifts while still getting the benefit of this technology.


The SumoVision platform, a technological system that dramatically improves the forward visibility of forklift operators even when sightlines would have otherwise been obstructed by oversized loads.


The SumoLevel system, a new and revolutionary mast tilted indicator that eliminates damage and safety risks caused by pallets and loads that rack back and forth during the picking and put away process.


And of course, the SumoBackbone hardware, a device designed to offer complete and total protection to ANY forklift truck in operation that dramatically minimizes the risk that operators are going to have to contend with when it comes to serious spinal or whiplash injuries that can be so common on the job today.


SumoSafe Global is taking the forklift industry by storm with these new, affordable, and effective solutions and it’s easy to see why!




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