Site Safety Compliance

Pro Trainers UK can ensure your site is compliant with current compliance regulations to ensure site and employee safety.

By providing a rigorous assessment of your plant and internal processes, we can ensure full compliance in all areas of your business.

We will evaluate areas such as operations, assessment methods, employee process and equipment handling to give you the most comprehensive audit.

According to United Kingdom law, any organisation with five or more staff members must carry out written assessments of any potential risks to worker safety or health. These assessments must cover every major potential hazard. There is a five-step approach to this analytical demand that must be kept in mind at all times. You will also want to explore the main options that are available to you, in terms of making sure these analyses have been conducted and covered properly.

Finally, you will also want to be aware of specific formats/considerations for very specific examples of risk assessment. All these elements must be brought together to ensure worker safety at all times.

The 5 Steps

As we mentioned before, there are five steps that must be utilized in assessing a major potential hazard. Let’s break those 5 steps down into terms that virtually anyone can understand:

  • The ability to identify the hazards to worker safety which have appeared in the workspace in question.
  • Understand who is at risk from this specific hazard. This can include employees, but it can also extend to contractors, or even visitors. Some workers can also prove to be more vulnerable than others, so this is something else that you should keep in mind.
  • The danger of the situation should be properly evaluated. The likelihood of an accident occurring must be considered. The existing controls that are being used to minimize or eradicate the element of risk entirely should also be firmly understood.
  • All of these findings will then be recorded on the suitable form.
  • The assessments should be reviewed and studied on a consistent basis. This is particularly true in the event that something dramatic changes. A good example of this would be having new equipment installed. Another example could be when the process itself must be changed. To be sure, assessments should be reviewed and studied carefully in the aftermath of an accident.

Exploring Options

In the event that you are looking for assistance with one of the analyses mentioned above, you are essentially going to have two options in front of you. You can be sure that our experience is such that we can help you with either of these options as they happen to relate to your demands.

Your two options include: 

  • We can have the risk assessments handled on your behalf. This is a solid way to completely eradicate any hassle that may occur. At the same time, you are also having the potential for liability removed from the equation altogether. You will no doubt want to keep in mind that many of our competitors are not going to offer such a feature.
  • We can provide you with comprehensive support throughout the process of making sure things are being handled on your own. We can make sure you have everything you need, in the way of the appropriate forms. At the same time, we can also make sure you are provided with the best training possible.

Choosing between your two options will ultimately come down to determining what you really need. If you want to have someone take care of everything, you can explore this possibility. If you want to save a little by only using assistance for certain aspects of the process, then you can explore that instead. You can also rely on us to advise you as to the best of the two options, in terms of your short-term and long-term needs.

Specific Assessments Of Risk

Certain specific hazards can require very specific assessments that have been carried out in very specific formats. There are several examples of this concept that are worth appreciating in greater detail:

  • Risk assessments involving manual handling should keep in mind several things. This will include the tasks that are being carried out, the loads that are being dealt with, and the personnel who are going to be involved in everything from start to finish.
  • Recent legislation demands that all non-domestic areas be subject to a fire risk assessment. Such an assessment will follow an approach similar to the 5-step process that we mentioned above. However, this sort of assessment will differ tremendously in other ways. By this, we mean that the 3 elements necessary to create fire will be considered. These are oxygen, heat, and fuel.
  • Hazardous substances must feature COSSH risk assessments. You will naturally want to keep in mind that getting safety data sheets by themselves will not be enough to ensure full compliance with the law.
  • All computer users should have a complete assessment of the risk or risks being posed to display screen equipment.

You can be sure that we are available to assist with any of these analyses.

Those who require assessments of risk may also need the proper health and safety policy established. They will also want to make sure they have a health and safety manual on hand. We can help with either of these demands, as well.

Safety Services Include:

Full Site Auditing


Employee Risk Assessments


FORS Compliance


Industry Compliance