Selecting the Right MEWP

03 Mar 2014, by Anthony in MEWP Training News

Selecting the Right MEWP

You know the job, now pick the right Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) to get it done. There are lots of MEWP choices. Each MEWP has different talents and strengths; capacities, working heights, outreaches, and other attributes. Are you going to need a truck mounted MEWP? A Scissor Lift? Narrow Access Platforms? Low Level Access Platforms? Does your MWP need to be self-propelled, or need a boom arm?
Here’s a list of essentials that help you decide which one will be best to complete the jobs you are assigned to:

  • Operator strength and knowledge (contact us for training assistance)
  • Ground conditions
  • Site Access
  • Base area condition and size
  • Ground bearing capacity
  • How many people tasked to each machine
  • Height and reach requirements
  • Mobility
  • Overhead hazards
  • Size and weight of lifted materials
  • Fuel types

Truck or Van Mounted MEWPs

Vehicle mounted MEWPs are the easiest and most versitle work platforms to use. Some can be driven by operators with a standard operator’s license. Truck and Van mounted MEWPs are easy to set up and operate, and are good for reaching heights of between 30 and 60 meters.

Scissor Lifts

Using a criss-cross scissor lift extender, diesel scissor lifts can work up to 10-17 meters, and some have 4×4 drive for better access and auto-leveling outriggers for stability. They can be used both indoors and outdoors, and are best for busy offices, retail stores, and hotels and industrial environments. Battery-powered fume free scissor lifts are available for indoor use.

Self-Propelled Booms

Though they may need to be transported to a work site, self-propelled booms can be driven around a construction site. They are available in straight stick, and articulated and mast booms.
Straight sticks operate between 10 and 38 meters, and articulated booms at 12-17 meters. Articulated booms are good for reaching into tight and hard to reach spots.

Trailer Mounted Platforms

Lightweight and comact, trailer mounted platforms are best for space and weight restricted areas. They can be towed on public highways, and good for painting contractors and CCTB installers. They work at a height of 9 and 28 meters, and are a viable alternative to scaffolding and ladders. Telescopic and articulating trailer-mounted access platforms with hydraulic outriggers add stability and reduce set up time.

Low Level Access Platforms

Low Level Access Platforms are great for jobs where the height. requirements are just out of reach. They operate between 3 and 5.5 meters, and are ideal for commercial environments and home use. They are very convenient for painters, decorators, and professional gas and electric contractors.


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