Roles And Responsibilities Of A Forklift Operator

27 May 2014, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Able to maintain accurate records, working with your hands, transporting items from one place to another, and paying attention at all times are just some of the qualities require from a forklift operator. There are a number of forklift operator employment opportunities throughout the U.K. in depots, warehouses, and the construction sector.

Once you have completed the required Forklift Training (you also have the option to obtain additional certification later on), you can begin to look at your employment options.

Forklift Operator Roles And Responsibilities

Although the specifics of any one forklift operator job can vary greatly from the specifics of any other forklift role, depending on your work environment; a number of components make up virtually any forklift operator job role:

  • The responsibility for bringing a grounded, dependable attitude to your work.
  • The responsibility for working quickly in situations that can occasionally be very stressful.
  • The responsibility for assessing weights and judging distance and height while on the job.
  • The responsibility for keeping up with written instructions while maintaining accurate records.
  • The responsibility for having goods loaded and unloaded from a vehicle. For example onto a lorry or aircraft
  • You will have to transport a variety of items on a pallet or crate throughout a storage facility.
  • You will have to keep in mind that that certain goods need to be stacked in the proper storage bay, as per your stock control guidelines.
  • You will need to make sure each load has been properly secured.
  • You will need to have equipment checks performed on the equipment used in your job on a daily basis.
  • You may be required to work with your hands in the loading and unloading of a vehicle.
  • There are a variety of warehouse tasks that are inherent in most warehouse-based jobs. You may be responsible for helping out in such areas as packing or unpacking.

The roles and responsibilities of a forklift operator are fairly straightforward. Nonetheless, the work can be very challenging and difficult at times. The training you will receive on the job should give you the foundation you require to handle anything the position might throw at you. There is also the option to obtain further education for career advancement. Experience on the job will certainly help you to become more comfortable in your position.

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