Protrainers Forklift Training Courses: What We Offer You

13 Apr 2015, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

You probably understand, as a business owner, just how important it is to keep forklift operators of any type of forklift up-to-date with training. But even with that in mind, you may wonder who you can contact to secure such training for your employees. The answer to all your forklift training needs is Pro Trainers UK. Here, we will take a look at the many different types of training courses that we offer on a regular basis. We will also tell you about testing that they offer, as well.

Different Courses Available

One of the things that so many of our customers are so very appreciative of is that we offer forklift training at all levels of learners. Our novice course, which lasts around 5 working days, is just for those beginners who have no experience. For those who do not have an experience, but have used a forklift before, we offer a 3 day long operator course. If one of your workers has been certified in the past and can prove it, then they can opt for our single day refresher course. To gain certification to operate a different sort of truck than the one a worker already holds a certificate for, all that is needed is our conversion course.

Practical Testing of Operators

At the end of these courses, operators can be tested. This operator test is governed by the Health and Safety Commission. To pass, operators must pass all three parts of the test. Operators will be expected to inspect their equipment for pre-use. They will then be asked to demonstrate basic operating skills. Finally, a paper test is also administered. A score of 80% or more must be obtained to pass this portion. Before this test, we urge trainees to see the new marking sheet.

Contact Protrainers Today!

We are a training school that is accredited by the NPORS training body, as well as ITSSAR. Every few months our trainers themselves are required to attend refresher courses on their work. This makes us unlike any other forklift training agency around. If you are interested in any of the sorts of training courses mentioned above, or forklift operator testing, just contact us here at Pro Trainers UK today. In most cases, we can have you scheduled for a training session at your workplace in only a few minutes.



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