Pro Trainers – Experts in Forklift and Plant Operation Training

01 Jul 2014, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Pro TrainersUK is a company that offers quality Forklift and Plant operator training. We are a company that has invested hugely in equipment that is the latest to let you train with and the best equipment on the market. Pro TrainersUK possess a wealth of knowledge and has been ranked as one of the best companies when it comes to Fork lift and Plant operator training. This is due to the fact that we  have the latest machinery for you to train on along with experienced professional trainers.

A Leader in Training

As a leader in the training field of Fork Lift operators and Plant operators, Pro TrainersUK is dedicated to train you with friendly staff which helps you gain confidence in your training and lets you learn the operation of the equipment easily and very quickly. Pro TrainersUK is accredited by the I.T.S.S.A.R as well as NPORS training bodies. There are a number of courses that are offered and they range from one day courses to five day courses. Though the company is based in Salford, the clients who have received training come from all over.

Pro TrainersUK offers a vast range of courses with experienced and down to earth instructors which results in expert tuition. we are also willing to send staff to visit your facility so that they can ensure that the training they provide your employees will meet your needs and satisfy your requirements within your own working environment. Pro TrainersUK offers the standard of NVQ level 2 training to all its clients.

Why Training is Essential

Having trained Fork lift operators and Plant operators is essential to every organisation that uses this kind of a labour force along with the equipment in their organisation. Trained operators means that you have a work force who not only understand the machinery they are using but they have also learned how to use it safely. With trained operators you have lesser chances of accidents as well as less wear and tear on the expensive machinery. When you have Pro TrainersUK trained operators you can be sure that they have the best training in the field and they are able to handle the machinery with confidence. Also as Pro TrainerUK is willing to visit your facility and train the operators to suit your specific requirements, this means that you know that you will have the operators who are trained specifically for the machinery your organisation uses and also they will be taught the right use of that machinery for your specific operation. This gives you a clear advantage in controlling safety management as well as having your machinery used in the proper way.



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