As everyone knows, the coronavirus pandemic has swept across the entire globe. While for a moment it looked as though nothing could be done, everyone has rallied together to do their bit to ensure we flatten the curve.

So, how about some good news in these uncertain times? Coming right up.

We are still operating! That’s our silver lining right now. Of course, we have seriously strict measures in place to ensure we’re meeting the government’s guidelines. We know this sounds kind of scary, doesn’t it? Not to worry, we’re about to tell you exactly what you can expect if you come to a training course. Ready? Let’s get into it.


Pro Trainers UK Measures

While our British weather isn’t always the best, our courses will all be conducted outside. This ensures that we’re abiding by the government guidelines of not moving gatherings indoors. Plus, outside tutorials mean we can easily implement the 2-metre social distancing rule so people don’t feel threatened or unsafe while visiting.

As well as the above, we will be providing PPE (or Personal Protective Equipment) to everyone entering our premises so we’re all kept safe throughout the training days.

To incite even calmer feelings in our students and tutors, we will still perform a meet and greet session. Yes, this will also be done outdoors and with the 2-metre social distancing rule in place. At this stage, you’ll also receive information about the training course you’re about to embark on.

Once everyone is up to speed on what the course is all about, you will be paired with an operator. Here, social distancing will remain strictly in place between you and the tutor. Don’t worry, everyone will receive enough time when it comes to the practical assessment so never feel like you need to rush.

After everyone’s assessment is finished, you will all come together as a group. Social distancing will be in place here of course, to ensure we’re practising the utmost safety standards. By this point, you probably have some questions about the theory paper so you can ask them during this COVID-19 safe group gathering.

As the government updates its guidelines, we will be adapting our measures to suit them. But for the foreseeable future, these measures will stay as they are to ensure both our tutors and students are kept safe and well.


The Government Guidelines

While you can find the government guidelines on their website, we want to include them here so you can see how all the measures we’ve enforced relate to our governments wishes.



Here at Pro Trainers, We’re Adhering To:

  • the current regulation stating that outdoor gatherings are acceptable following social distance guidelines.
  • the current rule stating that no gatherings should be moved indoors.
  • the current rule stating you can go to work if you can’t work from home
  • the current regulation stating you can go to work if your business hasn’t been closed by law


Coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from achieving your training goals with us here at Pro Trainers UK. However, if you do have any questions or concerns don’t be afraid to get in touch by calling 0161-773-3677.





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