Some organisations are created to oversee and ensure credibility among industries. The National Plant Operators Registration Scheme or NPORS was established in 1992 for this very reason. The NPORS has established a reputation in the United Kingdom as the leading accreditation and registration body. This includes not only the construction industry, but also spans industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural and ports sectors. This means that if you are looking to obtain reliable accreditation or registration within any of these industries, the NPORS is the accredited body you should choose.

Flexibility and Standards

The NPORS understands that flexibility is essential in the accreditation and registration process, but high standards should not be compromised as a result. This has led to the NPORS offering flexibility in both national and international sectors due to a partnership with industry and accredited training programs. Now obtaining accreditation among industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural and ports sectors is simpler than ever before, but high standards still remain intact.

NPORS Operator Training

The training and testing that is conducted by the NPORS is in compliance with a regulations stipulated by the National Occupational Standards. This means that all course objectives meet the requirements and allow for the most effective accreditation outcomes. The process is straightforward and begins with suitable candidates for plant operator being chosen by the employer.

Once these candidates have been selected then the specified training program will be chosen to meet those specific needs. Only training providers with NPORS accreditation have the ability to finish a pre-assessment of operators in question to dictate the type of training that is needed. The training process is designed to allow for the best results and ensure that accreditation is received through following regulations that are in place. Some flexibility is available for specified training situations.

Founding Member of the ABA

The NPORS are a founding member of the Accrediting Bodies Association or ABA. This is in combination with the AITT, ITSSAR and RITIB. The mission of the NPORS is to bring conciseness to the spans industrial, utilities, warehousing and distribution, agricultural and ports sectors. Putting a focus on training and mandating high standards for registration and accreditation is what the NPORS strives to achieve moving forward. The strides made since its establishment in 1992 have been transformative and the future is just as powerful for the NPORS and is accreditation standards.


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