JENGA Played with Cat Excavators

12 May 2014, by Anthony in Earth Moving Training News

Who hasn’t enjoyed a game of JENGA at one point in their lives?  This video takes the game to a whole other level – with the use of Cat excavators.  With this unique advertising video, even people who don’t work with excavators wanted to be a part of the event.  With that being said, you have most certainly never seen a video like this in your life.

The advertisement was filmed at the Caterpillar Testing Facility EDLC127 in Illinois and it begins by panning up an extraordinarily large grouping of what would be normally considered as JENGA blocks – except with one major difference.  In comparison to traditional blocks of JENGA that a toddler would use, these are on a much larger scale.

The video then begins to introduce the main players in this massive game of JENGA, the Cat 320E, the Cat TH514C, the Cat 227D, the Cat M316D, and the Cat 349E.  As the machines begin to “gear up” and get ready for their game, each of the operators analyses the grouping of blocks from within their machines.

The tune of Peer Gynt performed by the Prague Symphony Orchestra begins to play as the camera pans up the 27 blocks that weight in at 600 lbs. each.  Although the game may be known as something that people of all ages can play, this particular game of JENGA will most certainly require heavy machinery.

The signaler then begins to tell the operators which blocks to remove so that the structure maintains intact while they add the blocks to the top of the puzzle.  Essentially the advertisement is showing how efficiently the machines are as they push, pull, and relocate these blocks through small holes in the entire JENGA structure.

As the music begins to increase in speed, the viewer undoubtedly knows what’s going to happen next as the final block is removed from the bottom of the structure and placed on the top.  Then the teetering begins and the entire structure falls.  Regardless, these machines are obviously built to handle extremely tough endeavours and jobs as trivial as playing a game of JENGA.

Who would have thought that a game that you loved as a child could be turned into something that you can still enjoy as a working adult?  With the ample amount of suspense implemented into the video, you will constantly be on edge determining whether the entire structure will fall or remain intact.



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