Introducing The Delta Track Tractor by Versatile

28 Jul 2014, by Anthony in Earth Moving Training News

There are many firms who have been making these type of tractors for a number of years, so for Versatile to introduce their new Delta Track Tractor now is seen by many as a bit of a gamble. More especially, because the target market for these machines is still relatively small and these machines do not come cheap either.

The Delta range

Versatile are currently able to offer 3 different models, the 450DT, the 500DT and the 55DT, which come with 500hp, 550hp or 591hp respectively, with the power unit being supplied by Cummins 15 liter engine.

The exhaust after treatment is taken care of thanks to the cooled exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR), as well as a DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter), which negates the need for AdBlue.

The power to the tracks comes courtesy of a 16 by 4 speed Caterpillar built full power shift transmission.

Build Quality

There is little doubt that these units have been built to be able to withstand some serious punishment, with the axles being designed by Versatile themselves, and with components that are used in open cast mine trucks no less.

Design of the Track Unit

Something that came as a surprise to many, the track unit contains 1 less set of mid-rollers than those supplied by the manufacturers of other units of this type. Versatile claim that this is so that the unit can offer a much smoother ride, especially when traversing uneven and bumpy ground. This is due to the fact that you will not get the ‘rocking’ motion that is caused by having a center mid-roller installed. Track width options are 30 or 36 inches (762mm or 914mm).

The controls for this unit are situated on the right-hand side console, which is mounted on the seat. This control panel includes direction, transmission, throttle and hydraulic controls.


Thanks to the large cab and plenty of glass, visibility is excellent, although the exhaust stack is very noticeable in its position at the front right-hand corner.

When it comes to torque, this is one engine that does not disappoint, and the motor comes fitted with a VGT (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), which allows it to adapt to the ever changing conditions.

The transmission is really smooth, however, with so much torque, it can be much better to play with the revs and cut down on use of the transmission.


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