HSE To Focus On Heavy Lifting

03 Oct 2022, by Anthony in First Aid Training News

Starting in October, HSE inspectors in the UK will start a crackdown on lifting and moving heavy objects in the workplace, particularly on construction sites.

Over the course of October and November, several HSE team members will be visiting 1,000 sites. Their job is to focus on how staff are being trained to lift heavy and bulky items in the workplace.

This crackdown isn’t new. The law stipulates that employers have to take a proactive approach to ensure that their workers do not suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, sometimes known as MSDs. This means that employers need to reduce the risk as much as possible when it comes to injuries to their employees’ bones, joints, and muscles. 

This push comes on the back of reports that each year, over 40,000 people working in the construction industry end up dealing with MSD issues. This can lead to pain for the rest of their life. 

It is important that employers design their work around the risks related to the moving and handling of heavy objects. The risk should be mitigated as much as possible, long before the work starts. This includes ensuring that staff had access to the right training and equipment.

A properly managed site will have no issues with regard to physical aches, strains, and pains. 

Matt Birtles, the principle ergonomist working for HSE, has reiterated how important it is that aches, pains, and strains are reduced in the workplace. In a recent press release, he spoke heavily about how something seemingly mild can have a drastic impact on a person’s life, sometimes for the rest of their life.

Matt Birtles acknowledged that the problem is particularly severe on construction sites, mostly because employees do not feel safe opening up and letting their employers know that the working environment is unsafe. This is why the bulk of the focus of this push is going to be focused on construction sites, although it is likely that if it is deemed to be successful, the HSE will roll out the scheme to a variety of other businesses where heavy lifting is a regular occurrence. 

Any company that deals with heavy lifting is advised to put together training courses and learn how to ensure that their workplace meets HSE standards. Pro Trainers UK can offer training courses in the United Kingdom. Their courses conform to HSE standards. 




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