How to Create a Culture of Safety On-Site

06 Aug 2019, by Anthony in First Aid Training News, IOSH Training News

Site safety is imperative in the construction industry, the health and safety of the construction personnel is paramount. In this article we are going to explore how to create a culture of safety on-site.

Accidents often take place in the workplace, and in a recent publication by the Health and Safety Executive it highlighted the fact that from 2017 to 2018, 555,000 injuries occurred in the workplace, there were 144 fatalities this year alone.

Health and Safety Focused Industries

Construction is a health and safety focused industry, workplace industries take place often in the construction industry, therefore, it is vital that proper measures are put in place to ensure that construction staff are protected from potential dangers. The Health and Safety Executive revealed that from 2017 to 2018, more than 2.6% of 58,000 injuries across multiple industries were construction personnel.

How Can Inadequate Health and Safety Measures Impact Your Business?

Inadequate health and safety measures can drastically affect your business. For example in the construction industry more than 2.5 million business days were affected from 2017 to 2018. This was due to people being injured at work and sickness.

Inadequate Health and Safety: What Are The Signs?

-Is efficient is the system for reporting accidents?

-Who do you blame when accidents take place? Does your company blame the workers? Or do you take responsibility and work to put measures in place to prevent further accidents taking place in the future.

– Is profit more important than safety? If you pay more attention to profit and place less value on safety, you need to rethink your health and safety policies.

– Check your communication- how do you communicate new safety policies? Are they effectively communicated to the members of staff?

How To Create a Culture of Safety On-Site?


Communication is vital, when you do not communicate new health and safety policies effectively and efficiently, it affects the overall running of the business. It also makes it difficult to foster a culture a culture of safety on-site when new policies and measures are not communicated in a clear and concise way.

Mental Health Support

Depression, anxiety and various other mental issues are prominent in the workplace across multiple industries. Mental health help and support should be a priority in the workplace. Measures should be put in place to ensure that each member of staff has a safe space to talk about how he or she is feeling.

Set a Good Example

Set a good example for the staff at the lower level. If personnel on the management level are not doing the right thing in terms of health and safety then it is less likely that staff on the lower level will do the right thing when it comes to health and safety.


Health and safety training is vital, experts like Pro Trainers UK offer professional health and safety courses to provide adequate training to staff and individuals that want to learn about the importance of good health and safety policies.


Efficient accident reporting is paramount. If your accident reporting system is inefficient, seek to put measures in place to upgrade your reporting systems and policies.

Fostering a culture of health and safety in the workplace is extremely important however, it is a process that requires careful consideration and expert training.





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