Four Safety Points all Forklift Operators Need to Know

07 Jun 2021, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Driving a forklift is a task required of many individuals in today’s society. Moreover, driving a forklift is especially hazardous: it’s a heavy vehicle that is often used to lift heavy materials in particularly precarious ways. 

That being said, safety is of the utmost importance. If you operate a forklift, you undoubtedly already know a thing or two about safety, but that doesn’t mean there’s any harm in brushing up on your safety skills and knowledge. In fact, it can only do good. That’s we’re covering these four crucial safety points every forklift operator should know.

Know What to Do in an Accident

One of the most important things about safety is knowing how to respond when things go wrong. Being prepared before any accident ever occurs will go a long way in recovering if an accident happens. This means knowing who to contact if an accident occurs, what records must be kept in case of such situations, and whether or not an accident attorney will be needed to file for compensation.

Inspect Your Equipment Before Using It

Damaged or worn equipment is far more likely to lead to a serious accident. You should also inspect for forklift (and anything you plan on lifting with it) to make sure that everything is in working order. A forklift is already an inherently dangerous vehicle. The last thing you need is unpredictable behaviour from it when in operation due to damage or wear and tear.

Do Not Exceed Loading Capacity, Ever

All forklifts have a designated weight limit that they are designed to lift. Naturally, those limits exist for a reason. A forklift needs to stay balanced to operate safely, and exceeding the weight limit when stacking it full of materials makes it much more likely to tip while driving around: and tipping with a lot of weight while you’re in the forklift? Not exactly a desirable outcome.

Never exceed the loading capacity of your forklift, under any circumstances. If you have to make two trips, that’s far preferable to getting in an accident.

Follow Designated Pathways

Forklifts are not exactly the pinnacle of manoeuvrability and handling. They are designed to operate in very precise conditions, on very smooth and level pathways. You should never take it anywhere it was not intended to drive.

If you work in a warehouse, you should always follow designated pathways, which are usually marked by coloured lines that indicate the safest course of travel. Such pathways are usually designed to minimize contact with pedestrians and obstacles to the forklift’s motion. Following such paths keeps you out of dangerous situations and reduce the risk of you or others getting hurt.

Consider Official Training Courses

All the online tips in the world won’t make you as comfortable with the safe operation of a forklift as a legitimate training course will. Such courses help ingrain all of the things we just talked about and more.

That being said, Pro Trainers is an excellent choice if you are looking for forklift training courses in the UK. With a 99% pass rate, you can rely on us to get you through a forklift certification exam in record time.




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