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Forklift Safety

04 Dec 2013, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Forklift Safety!

The last thing Roy saw was the ground coming up at him, as his forklift tipped to one side, tossed him out and the landed on top of him. What happened? Roy thought he could beat the corner, but his training should have told him he couldn’t. Now he knows better, but he should have been thinking about safety before he tried to make the turn. A simple review could have saved him.

Every year more than 85 fatal accidents and more than 34,900 injuries happen during forklift operation. Roy should have remembered that forklifts are less stable than cars and are easy to tip over, especially when there’s a load on the forks. A loaded forklift can weigh as much as six times the weight of a full sized automobile, and at that steering and stopping is a critical skill.

Last week in another warehouse Bill ran over his supervisor as he was too swiftly moving backwards to transfer a load. Training taught him to be aware of pedestrians, to give them the right of way, and keep a clear view in front and behind him. NPORS safety regulations remind forklift drivers to “Never let a person get between the forklift and a hard surface like a wall, table, bench, or another fixed object.” Reviewing and following this notice could have saved the supervisor and Bill.

Forklift hazards vary according to the vehicle type and the workplace where the lift is used. Workplace conditions also present differing hazards. A good safety program, fitted to the conditions where the forklift will be used, and periodic reviews of safety guidelines can help keep accidents from happening in any workplace.

Safety and training guides

Every business operating forklifts must provide training for his operators, and Pro Trainers UK provide access to NPORS and ITSSAR backed training. Our courses provide information on;

  • Types and Fundamentals
  • The differing types and fundamentals of powered trucks
  • Operating the Forklift
  • The basic operating rules and safe work practices
  • Understanding the Workplace
  • How workplace conditions can affect safe operation
  • Training Assistance
  • A Forklift Safety Plan

Please refer to our forklift training pages for more information.


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