Forklift App to Revolutionise Daily Checks

01 Feb 2018, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

A brand-new mobile application and cloud-based solution (with FLTA endorsements, no less) is completely transforming the world of routine checkups and maintenance on forklifts around the world – streamlining things significantly and providing mission-critical data to all involved parties so that fleets of forklifts can be kept in production without anywhere near as much shut down or slow down along the way.

Already entrenched in the commercial vehicle and automotive industries, this technology is now being taken advantage of by those that have forklift fleets they need to keep running and well-maintained, thanks in large part to a new initiative and major collaboration between some of the biggest enterprises in the forklift production and mobile application worlds.

The new “CheckedSafe” mobile application system is designed to handle all of the mandatory and legally required checks for forklift and forklift accessory equipment, all in a 100% digital environment that allows these checks to be made using nothing more than a phone or mobile device connected to the internet.

The application system can be used on iOS and Android devices. This means that the mobile system will work on all of your iPhones, all of your iPads and almost every single Android smartphone or tablet produced – regardless of whether or not it is a “flagship device” or something much more budget focused.

The whole reason for this new mobile application to be brought to life in the first place has been to improve the overall maintenance and repair track record of forklift fleet operations while at the same time eliminating a lot of paperwork across the board.

Anyone that has ever worked the fleet management space understands just how much paperwork each and every single individual piece of equipment requires, especially when daily checkups, maintenance, and repairs need to be made.

Everything – and we mean EVERYTHING – needs to be monitored, recorded, and accurately tracked, and when you’re talking about physical records in the form of a paper trail it isn’t all that difficult for critical details to get lost in the shuffle (no pun intended).

Impressively enough, this new mobile system is also going to help cut down on the expense of daily checkups, monitoring, and maintenance as well.

Because all of the data collected is hosted in a centralized and easy to access database that can be brought up with any connected mobile device, floor leaders, managers, mechanics, and executives (and anyone other professional involved in the checkup and maintenance process, really) can understand exactly what’s happening with the entire fleet of forklifts at a glance without having to shuffle through pounds and pounds of paperwork.

The daily check system created by this mobile application will save hours and hours of time every week, leading to a significantly streamlined and optimized maintenance workflow. This will undoubtedly save businesses hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds, over the lifetime of this system being implemented, and it could prove to be even more valuable than that.

The user interface is streamlined, clean, and easy to use even with just the bare-bones amount of training in place. Mobile device information and data (including location data via GPS, timestamps from the internal clock, and to actual device identification data to double verify the inspection information) are all “hardcoded” right into the daily checkups and maintenance, providing for a much more reliable and accountable paper trail than any physical paper trail ever could.

Those managing fleets of forklifts or involved in forklift training that have to abide by these daily checkups and maintenance details are going to want to look very closely into the CheckedSafe system ASAP.




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