Earth Moving Training Courses

03 Nov 2015, by Anthony in Earth Moving Training News

Operating heavy equipment isn’t as easy as it looks and definitely isn’t ‘just common sense.’ It can be very physically demanding, and if done wrong, could cause injury to the operator and the people around him. Most people aren’t aware that becoming a heavy equipment operator takes a lot more than just a few lessons here and there and more often than not, would require certification.

Being certified for a specific piece of machinery doesn’t mean you’re free to operate every kind there is. Every machine needs specific training as each type operates differently.

Agricultural Tractor Training

Most commonly used on farms, an agricultural tractor is used to move other agricultural machinery and to perform field tasks like plowing, tilling, and planting. It takes anywhere from 1-3 days to complete an agricultural tractor training course, and throughout the process, trainees will be encouraged to partake in return demonstrations and practical application to ensure proper learning.

Rear Tipping Dumper Training

With a significant size lead compared to highway dump trucks, rear tipping dumpers are commonly used on off-road conditions like mining sites. Depending on the existing level of knowledge of training course participants, rear tipping dumper training can last up to 5 days and makes use of practical application and exercises to solidify acquired skills.

Forward Tipping Dumper Training

The main difference between a forward tipping and a rear tipping dumper is that forward tippers are smaller and are often seen on construction sites. The load is found in front of the driver while a rear tipper has its load behind the machine. Forward tipping dumper training lasts up to 3 days, providing trainees a chance to feel the equipment for themselves for a rich learning experience.

Loading Shovel Training

A loading shovel is commonly used to scoop up materials from the ground to be loaded into a dump truck or an open trench excavation. Training courses for a loading shovel last’s from 1-3 days depending on the trainee’s level of experience. To ensure quality learning, trainers provide lectures and demonstrations as well as practical exercises to aspiring loading shovel operators.

Materials Re-Handler Training

Basically a crane designed for picking things up and carrying them to other locations on site. It takes up to 5 days to complete materials re-handling training. Through the training course, participants are allowed to operate the machinery under the supervision of instructors for the best learning experience.

Excavator Training

An excavator is a machine designed to move earth for construction purposes. It can take anywhere from 1-10 days depending on the trainees’ skills and knowledge. Each trainee is given the opportunity to operate the machine to ensure proper training comprehension.


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