Choosing the Right Forklift

01 Mar 2017, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Having a well-maintained forklift will ensure smooth movement of goods to save on ground space and will ensure efficiency within your production unit or warehouse. When it comes to choosing a forklift, you may want to consider a diverse range of factors to ensure that it works best in your business environment.   Many prospective buyers of forklifts do not always have the correct information about the differences between various forklifts on the market and the limitations of each one. Here are some useful tips on how to choose the right forklift for your company.


Match the power requirements of the forklift to the needs of your facility to ensure there is efficiency. There is electric, gas, and diesel powered forklifts on the market. Electric forklifts have the longest lifespan and are quieter, though they take a long time when charging. They are however not suitable for outside usage. Gas forklifts are reliable with a long lifespan and are low maintenance. However, the gas forklifts are noisy with a high-level of emission. Diesel forklifts have low maintenance costs and are very powerful. The problem with gas and diesel forklifts is the fuel storage, which is a potential fire hazard.

Facility Size

The size of the warehouse is a significant factor, and you should have it in mind when choosing a forklift. The time the forklift spends inside and outside of the facility should sway your buying decision. Ensure you have the total area of the space in mind to appropriately choose your forklift.

Lift Height

Knowing the height the forklift will take is crucial and it is a significant determinant of the load capacity. The average forklift lifts loads up to 8 feet and other lift to up to 20 feet and higher. Depending on the nature of your facility, choose the forklift appropriately with your desired lift height.

Load Capacity

Depending on the weight of the goods at your facility, different forklifts have different load capacities. Gas and diesel forklifts have a large load capacity and are the best for industrial applications. You can find the load capacity of each forklift on the data plate. Ensure you have the knowledge of the average weight of each unit in your facility to allow for the right buying decision.   The above tips will help you to maximize efficiency in your facility. For more information about forklift and other heavy machinery training visit pro-trainers to discover the range of training programs available.  


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