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Pro-Trainers UK are committed to offering the very best Forklift Training Courses throughout Manchester and the Northwest, including Counterbalance, Pivot Steer, and Telescopic forklift courses. Our forklift blog aims to share industry news, forklift training advice, and more expertise from our dedicated team. Contact us for information should you need expert advice or opinion.

Forklift Training Made Easy

31.01.2019 in Forklift Training News, Uncategorized

Forklift training does not have to be complicated or unaffordable. There should not be any ambiguity about the relevance and nationwide acceptance of the training program. All aspirants and operators with varying experiences looking for refresher courses should be able to find simple and affordable…

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AXA delivers tech for UK Forklift trucks

03.07.2018 in Forklift Training News

Insurance company AXA has recently released a safety initiative for forklift trucks in the UK. Together with their partners VUE who develop telematics and CCTV, they have come up with specialist technology that sits inside the vehicle and hopes to reduce accidents by instilling more…

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Forklift App to Revolutionise Daily Checks

01.02.2018 in Forklift Training News

A brand-new mobile application and cloud-based solution (with FLTA endorsements, no less) is completely transforming the world of routine checkups and maintenance on forklifts around the world – streamlining things significantly and providing mission-critical data to all involved parties so that fleets of forklifts can…

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Top Forklift Facts

30.04.2017 in Forklift Training News

Many work forces feel the strain and pressure of heavy lifting, often taking precious time up or risking safety in the process. Forklifts can help reduce this strain and provide a number of benefits to a business and its work force. While training will be…

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