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Pro-Trainers UK are committed to offering the very best Earth Moving Training Courses throughout Manchester and the Northwest, including Rear-tipping dumper, Agricultural tractor, and Excavator 130/180 courses. Our Earth moving news blog aims to share industry news, Earth Moving training advice, and more expertise from our dedicated team. Contact us for information should you need expert advice or opinion.

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Earth Moving Training Courses

03.11.2015 in Earth Moving Training News

Operating heavy equipment isn’t as easy as it looks and definitely isn’t ‘just common sense.’ It can be very physically demanding, and if done wrong, could cause injury to the operator and the people around him. Most people aren’t aware that becoming a heavy equipment…

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earth moving machinery training

A Guide to Excavators

16.10.2014 in Earth Moving Training News

Excavators can be handy on quite a few job sites. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and can get lots of jobs done. Chances are, if you have been around more than a single construction site in your lifetime, you have probably…

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Independent Training Standards Scheme And Register – ITSSAR

28.08.2014 in Crane Training News, Earth Moving Training News, Forklift Training News, MEWP Training News

What is ITSSAR? ITSSAR, established in 1991, is a self-financing and non-profit making organisation formed to provide accreditation to training instructors and organisations offering industrial vehicles and construction training to industry. In addition, ITSSAR develops and monitors standards for training in a broad range of…

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