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Forklift App to Revolutionise Daily Checks

01.02.2018 in Forklift Training News

A brand-new mobile application and cloud-based solution (with FLTA endorsements, no less) is completely transforming the world of routine checkups and maintenance on forklifts around the world – streamlining things significantly and providing mission-critical data to all involved parties so that fleets of forklifts can…

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DVSA Defines Cab Rest Fine Regulations

23.01.2018 in Earth Moving Training News

The DVSA is the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. It’s an executive agency of the United Kingdom’s Department for Transport. This agency is the one that approves people for driving instructor positions and MOT tester positions. It also ensures that buses, lorries and heavy-duty vehicles…

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Top Forklift Facts

30.04.2017 in Forklift Training News

Many work forces feel the strain and pressure of heavy lifting, often taking precious time up or risking safety in the process. Forklifts can help reduce this strain and provide a number of benefits to a business and its work force. While training will be…

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forklift training in manchester

Choosing the Right Forklift

01.03.2017 in Forklift Training News

Having a well-maintained forklift will ensure smooth movement of goods to save on ground space and will ensure efficiency within your production unit or warehouse. When it comes to choosing a forklift, you may want to consider a diverse range of factors to ensure that…

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