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How to Avoid Forklift Accidents

16.11.2022 in Forklift Training News

What is the Primary Cause of Forklift Accidents? There is a significant distinction between an accident’s underlying cause and its immediate cause. The operator being preoccupied is frequently the direct cause of forklift mishaps of any type, including ones that result in property damage, near…

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HSE To Focus On Heavy Lifting

03.10.2022 in First Aid Training News

Starting in October, HSE inspectors in the UK will start a crackdown on lifting and moving heavy objects in the workplace, particularly on construction sites. Over the course of October and November, several HSE team members will be visiting 1,000 sites. Their job is to…

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Grenfell Risk Assessor Professionally Reckless

20.09.2021 in Fire Safety Training

A multi-year investigation regarding the Grenfell Tower fire of 2017 has found that the fire risk assessor involved with that project was “professionally reckless”.  The inquiry reported that expert witness Dr Barbara Lane found the fire risk assessor Carl Stokes “unqualified” to determine whether the…

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Meet the Trainers of Pro-Trainers

19.01.2021 in Crane Training News, Earth Moving Training News, Fire Safety Training, First Aid Training News, Forklift Training News, IOSH Training News, MEWP Training News

Trainers of Pro-Trainers  Heavy Machinery Training is no joke. That is why at Pro-Trainers, we work only with the best of the best, demanding exceptional trainers to provide our clients with the best experience we can provide for them. We know that operating heavy-equipment is…

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