Avoiding Costly and Dangerous Accidents in Your Workplace

22 Jun 2015, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Does your workplace often use forklifts of heavy-duty equipment and machinery? Think that all your employees are trained in proper safety techniques? If you are not currently actively training your workers on a regular basis, think again. You could be in serious danger for a costly accident in your workplace. In this article we will examine a recent employer that faced an accident that will change their business forever. We will also tell you how to avoid such issues in your workplace.

What Happened?

An employee at Heidelberg Graphic Equipment, a printing firm located in High Street, Brentford, was crushed. This accident occurred on December 21, 2012. On that day Stephen Rodwell was crushed against his own vehicle by a forklift while working at the firm. Thankfully, he sustained no serious injuries. When appearing at Feltham Magistrates’ Court, the company simply admitted to wrong doing in this case. As a result, two charges of breaking health and safety regulations were withdrawn by the court. However, the company was fined around 17,000 pounds for the incident and ordered to pay around 7,000 pounds for court costs.

How Could This Have Been Prevented?

Thankfully, the management at this printing company said that this incident had helped them to learn. No doubt in the future they will be much more careful about training drivers, workers, and others. If this company would have taken measures to do these things in the first place they would have never had this trouble. Simply safety training, paired with training about keeping working environments safe, working around such equipment, and training for the operators of this equipment could have all helped in this situation. A quick refresher or introductory course in any of these areas may have prevented this incident altogether.

Call Pro-Trainers UK Today!

Don’t be like this printing firm. Instead, call a trainer you can trust. Pro-Trainers UK offers a variety of courses in a number of safety areas. From refresher courses to detailed safety courses, they can help you to be sure that your employees are all properly trained in safety techniques. In this way, you can prevent an issue like the above ever happening to your firm. Or reduce penalties and fines in case you ever do experience a workplace accident. To learn more about the training services that Pro-Trainers UK offers, simply visit their website at http://www.pro-trainersuk.co.uk/.


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