A Lesson In The Importance Of Proper Training

23 Oct 2014, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Think that you can ever invest enough in the safety of your workers? Think they are aware of the possible consequences of not properly following all safety precautions and standards? Think again! If you believe that forklift training is not worth it for your team, then you should seriously reassess your stance. Not having a workforce properly trained in how to handle equipment, like forklifts, can mean real damage to your business. By examining a recent accident, we will show you how this is true.

A Recent Incident 

Recently, an incident involving a worker, forklift, and ramp caused some real damage to Linde Creighton, LTD. in Basingstoke. During this incident, a worker named Terence Jones suffered a spinal injury due to his carelessness. The resulting investigation by the local Health & Safety Executive found that the company was, in part, negligent in not providing a safe working environment. As a result, Linde Creighton, LTD. had to pay over £9,000 worth of fines and fees. Perhaps with a little bit of extra training and safety measures, such an incident could have been avoided.

Protecting Yourself, Workers, and Your Business 

How can you also avoid injury and fees like the one above happening to your business? There are several ways. Here are just a few we highly suggest:

  • Proper safety training of how to use all equipment in the workplace.
  • For all employees to be trained on how to maintain a properly safe working environment when working to load and unload forklifts.
  • Training of all employees about how to respond in an emergency.
  • Letting every employee know who to tell in case something goes wrong, or appears that it may go wrong.
  • Following all advised safety precautions and standards for machinery and equipment operation.

Learning More

Here at Protrainers, we are totally dedicated to helping businesses like yours create the safest possible working environment. We do so by providing safety training for forklifts and more that covers all the points listed above. You need safety training in your workplace, no matter the size of your firm or the number of employees on your payroll. To learn more about forklift safety training, as well as other types of training, be sure to contact us here at Protrainers.


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