A Guide to Excavators

16 Oct 2014, by Anthony in Earth Moving Training News

Excavators can be handy on quite a few job sites. They are available in a variety of sizes, configurations, and can get lots of jobs done. Chances are, if you have been around more than a single construction site in your lifetime, you have probably seen an excavator. Here, we will tell you more about excavators. We will let you in on what they are, what jobs they are used for, and the different configurations that are available. Consult this handy guide when deciding what Excavator training is right for you.

What is an Excavator?

Excavators are large pieces of equipment that feature a boom which is attached to a large arm called the stick, which holds the bucket. An operator has a place to sit and control the action in the cab, which is located on a platform that can turn. You will find these on both tracks and wheels. Excavators are slightly larger versions of the same piece of machinery known as a backhoe. They are also newer versions of what some people once called steam shovels. Diggers or 360-degree excavators are the same pieces of equipment.

How is an Excavator Used? 

There are lots of uses for excavators. Some industrial uses include mining, drilling shafts, material handling, rock blasting, and pile driving. In the world of construction, excavators are also used. They might be used to dig foundations or for demolitions. Excavators are also at home in the forests and are used for forestry mulching and other work. Cutting of brush can also be done with these machines. All that is needed is the right attachments. Sometimes you might find these used for keeping up landscaped areas. Law enforcement or others might also use them to dredge rivers or other bodies of water.

Excavator Types

Excavators vary in size. They may also vary in attachments. Most often you will find mono-boom types that just move up and down. Knuckle booms, though, can move up and down, as well as left and right. Triple articulated booms are yet another form. Businesses may want to select a different size or type based on your needs, job site, and the jobs you need done. Businesses may also want to invest in different attachments for various jobs, depending upon their needs. Different types of controls can also be purchased for these machines. These machines can be purchased or rented.


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