A Costly Forklift Mistake for B&Q

01 Mar 2015, by Anthony in Forklift Training News

Recently, the very well-known retailer, B&Q, was fined over £83,000 for not following proper safety protocols in their warehouse while using a forklift. Not only did their negligence cost them, but it also injured an employee. To learn more about what happened, read on. We will also tell you how this event has effected B&Q. Lastly, we will give you tips about how you prevent such a thing from happening in your workplace. Paying attention could save your business serious money and grief!

What Happened?

On November, 20th, 2012, a worker in the B&Q warehouse on Glencoe Road crushed herself while operating a vehicle known as a mini-bendi. These vehicles are meant to be pushed around the warehouse floor. But in order to maneuver it into the very tight parking space for the vehicle, the employee was forced to pull it toward her. When she did this, the vehicle crushed her against the wall. As a result of this, B&Q appeared in court on Friday, January 16th of this year for their sentencing after pleading guilty to several charges relating to this matter.

The Pricey Consequences of Not Considering Safety

As a result of their negligence, a judge commented on the fact that B&Q seemed to care more about the safety of their vehicle than their employees, in this case. If the opposite would have been true, then proper space for the vehicle to be safely parked would have been provided. It was revealed during court proceedings that the company had actually been warned about this in several ways. The judge finally sentenced the DIY Corporation to pay a fine of over £83,000. £65,000 of this was to cover various fines. Another £18,500 was ordered to pay the Council in Hillingdon.

Put Your Employees First

If only B&Q would have put their employees first in this situation. they could have prevented serious injuries. Not only that, but they could have also avoided hefty fines. All businesses can learn an important lesson from this turn of events. By taking proper safety precautions, your business, workplace, or colleagues can avoid the same. But more than creating a safe environment, all workers should be properly trained on how to use all equipment. Here at Protrainers, we offer safety training for all sorts of forklifts and equipment. We can also inspect your warehouse to point out any safety issues that need addressing.

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