A Brief History of the Dump Truck & Its Contemporary Variants

06 Aug 2014, by Anthony in Earth Moving Training News

A dump truck is known by various names. In the United States, it is typically known as a dump truck whereas in the UK it is usually referred to as a dumper truck. Alternative names are also used such as tipper lorry in the UK and tip truck in Australia.

In present times, a dump truck is a heavy goods vehicle that has a box bed hinged at the rear end and hydraulic pistons at the front end of the bed. The box bed may be open, which is common, or covered which is less common. A dump truck is used to carry loose materials. The materials may vary largely, from sand to gravel, dirt to rubbish. The dump truck is used in the construction industry primarily but it also finds use in logistics and sanitation.

History Of the Dump Truck

The dump truck has been around for more than a hundred years. Some of the earliest designs of the first dump trucks are dated back to 1880s. By the late 19th century in some parts of Western Europe, the dump truck was conceived to be used on farms, to carry various materials from one part of the farm to another and to transport materials to and from the farm. In 1905, the motorised dump truck was developed. By 1910, companies like Galion Buggy Co. and Lauth-Juergens along with quite a few others started manufacturing dump trucks. From manual unloading to automated offloading with the help of hydraulic pistons, the dump truck has come a long way and is a multi-utilitarian vehicle today.

Contemporary Variants Of the Dump Truck

There are many types or variants of the traditional dump truck. Most designs however use the same concept of hydraulics and similar driving and operating mechanisms. The variants are different in their capacity, specific purposes for which they are used and how the vehicles would be used logistically.

The different types of dump truck are – standard dump truck, transfer dump truck, truck and pup, super-dump truck, semi trailer end dump truck, semi trailer bottom dump truck, double and triple trailer bottom dump truck, side dump truck, winter service vehicles and two types of off-highway dump trucks which are the haul truck and articulated hauler.

How much material or load and what type of materials a dump truck will be able to carry, how long or short a distance the vehicle is ideally supposed to be driven and the ease of operation, safety, efficiency and power of the vehicle vary from one type of dump truck to another.


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