5 Safety Considerations for Your Construction Site this Winter

08 Nov 2018, by Anthony in First Aid Training News, IOSH Training News

In the winter months, it’s important to keep your construction site safe in the UK. The weather can be very unpredictable with strong winds, ice, and snow, which can increase the chances of a workplace accident. To keep your workplace safe, here are five safety considerations to keep in mind for your construction site during this winter.


Have a Heated Break Area

You want to keep your workers comfortable from the cold. Workers that are in cold conditions are going to need brakes more frequently. By having a heated to break area, the workers can warm up so that they can get back to the job. Cold weather can cause numbness in the hands and feet and this can increase the chances of accidents. A heated area will keep workers comfortable until they return to work.


Provide PPE

It’s important that your workers have proper PPE equipment. During the winter months, the weather is going to be harsh so they have to be protected from the elements. One key factor in this is to ensure that they have proper layers to keep away the cold. They should have waterproof footwear as well as clothing so they are protected from the UK weather. Ensure that they have thermally lined clothing, which can maximize the retention of body heat and keep the worker more comfortable.

Your workers are going to have helmets but the harsh winter weather can impact the face and the hands. They should be equipped with helmet liners for their helmet, earmuffs, balaclavas, and other protection for their faces so that they are not exposed to the harsher winter conditions. You should also ensure that their hands are protected with thermal gripper gloves as these will give them a proper grip as well as protect them from cold hands. Since it becomes darker during the winter months earlier, visible reflective clothing can help others see workers in the dark.


More lights

When it begins to get darker earlier in at the winter months and sure that there is proper lighting. by installing proper lights will reduce accidents. Construction vehicles on the site should also have a proper lighting as it allows workers to see the vehicle more clearly when it’s moving. Other lights can include static lighting with can be attached to masks and poles. Portable lights can be moved to the locations where they are needed.


Warning Signs

Due to the darker conditions of the winter months, rain, fog, and other inclement weather you should have plenty of warning signs around the construction site. this is important if you have vehicles that are going to be moving. These signs can let the driver know that they were sharp turns or hills that are coming up. During inclement weather, there should be signs that indicate areas could be slippery or that there’s an incline. By having signs you’ll keep workers safe from falls and other hazards. If there is a pathway that you feel is a hazard, close this down during inclement weather and then reopen it when it is safe again for foot traffic.


Cold Stress

You should inform your workers about cold stress. They should be informed about how cold weather can impact their ability to do the job. If a worker is not treated properly they could experience hypothermia, frostbite, or other medical conditions. They should be trained in the proper use of their PPE equipment and know how to deal with cold stress and when they may need to take a break.


Improve Your Safety Now

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